Tuesday, 31 January 2012

To live it or to write it

Mask from Sleep No More
The motto on my theatre, travel, food, dance website is "write it, read it, live it." Actually it should probably read "I live it, write it...you read it".

The flaw in this is that I spend so much time "living it" that my time for writing is limited. Hence my great intentions on this latest New York trip to keep up with my food and theater reviews each day. Not possible- although I did manage to upload my photos, edit  those I want to use, and create the post for several of the stories.

I also posted reviews of Inakaya, a Japanese sushi and Robata restaurant,  Alobar, a restaurant in Long Island City where we had charcuterie and cheeses ... and Sleep No More,  one of the hottest theater tickets in town and a most unusual theater experience. There are many more reviews to come as I saw 7 plays and ate in innumerable good restaurants ... and managed not to gain a pound.  How is that for impressive!

Now I am back home, my suitcase is emptied, my laundry done... and today I plan to blitz write. I entered AtJill'sReviews for the April A to Z challenge - thanks to a reminder from my friend Jenny of Pearson Report.

I am interested to hear from other writers how you manage the "live it" versus "write it" dilemma.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sushi and charcuterie

The Air Canada flight deposited me  - and a few other people - at Newark Airport at 11:30PM. It was cold, very cold.  The taxi line was short and I was soon baking in the back of a warm taxi. The ride from Newark into the city is around 56 dollars. Then the tolls have been increased - adding another 17 dollars. By 12:30 I was in my hotel room and too tired to unpack.  Kind of rolled into bed.

But despite the fact that NY is 3 hours ahead of Vancouver I was up 6 am New York time. How does my inner clock do that?  Visited the Food Emporium to pick up some groceries, met my son and ate sushi at Inakaya, walked for miles as we completed a list to to-dos before heading over to Long Island City where we had a nice charcuterie and cheese dinner at Alobar,

The reviews of Inakaya and Alobar will be posted soon in the Supping Away section of reviewfromthehouse. As will the first story in the "It's Winter in New York" travelblogue.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Off to the Big Apple

We Vancouverites like to think that our weather is balmy compared to the East Coast- but how ironic that it is actually snowing here while my destination, New York, seems to be sunny and clear.  I wonder if the incoming AC flight from New York will be delayed. Currently my flight is showing an on-time departure so maybe not.

I am looking forward to seeing a total of 7 theatrical performances during this visit - some of which are unconventional forms of theatre.  Check out reviewfromthehouse.com in the Theatre section for descriptions over the next week.
So far I will also be visiting 4 restaurants that I have not previously reviewed, and we will be making more selections on the fly, so to speak, and those reviews will be found in the Sipping and Supping section of the website.

My revamped website is now on-line although minor adjustments are pending - like captions and picture enlargements. Let me know what you think of the new look.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Dance-Fit Workout -then off to pack

My absolute all-time favorite fitness activity is dance. I head down to the gym, warm up to some slow and sultry tune, follow it with a rumba and then a cha cha cha to loosen up the hips and knees, and then  I move to jive at increasing bpms, thrown in some samba, quickstep, Viennese waltz and more chacha.  Then I get more serious and alternate waltz, slow foxtrot and tango with the Latin dances like a sort of interval heart training session.  

A short hustle to entrench the "and-one, two, three" beat in my brain, a West Coast swing song to get me moving forward on the first steps instead of rocking back, a bolero to get that stretch throughout the body, and a cool-down... and I am done. The music drives any vexing thoughts from  my  mind, and endorphins keep me smiling the rest of the day.  A mere 45 minutes and I am a happy happy camper, ready for anything the day will throw at me. Dance is good for the brain because you are learning new ways to use your muscles, it's a universal form of expression in most societies, and it's fun! It is also a great social activity.
The picture is of me in a dance studio, four months after major back surgery. Dance was one of my most important forms of rehab activity.

My theory is that if we teach the world to dance, everyone would be mellow. Just think about how grim the societies are where music and dance is forbidden.So instead of those awful phys-ed classes that people try to get out of,  teaching dances from early on would help with socializing as well as keep the kids in shape, without destroying knees and hips like running does. Did anyone see "Mad Hot Ballroom?" And that reminds me. It' s off to New York for me. Better go pack.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Its all about...living each day in the moment

For the past three years I have indulged my passion for dance, theatre, dining and travel and documented my journeys and ballroom dance cruises at  www.reviewfromthehouse.com. So why you may ask, has AtJillsReviews been introduced at this time?

My good friend, enthusiastic blogger, author of The PearsonReport, challenged me to emulate her action last year when she entered the A to Z  Challenge. And since I clearly have more time on my hands that I know what to do with -  do I hear shrieks of laughter from friends and family??? - how could I resist a challenge like a Challenge?

AtJillsReviews will be a random, spontaneous and more personal glimpse into the spheres of dance, travel, cruising, food, wine and the arts rather than directed reviews.

I hope that many of you will join me on my travels, metaphorically speaking. My recent travels have taken me to French Polynesia and Hawaii, and I will soon be off to New York. I am looking forward to some great reviewing of restaurants and plays.

You will be able to check out the detailed reviews at  ReviewFromTheHouse.com. In the meantime I am going to add the Challenge badge to AtJillsReviews, and enter the Challenge.