Tuesday, 31 January 2012

To live it or to write it

Mask from Sleep No More
The motto on my theatre, travel, food, dance website is "write it, read it, live it." Actually it should probably read "I live it, write it...you read it".

The flaw in this is that I spend so much time "living it" that my time for writing is limited. Hence my great intentions on this latest New York trip to keep up with my food and theater reviews each day. Not possible- although I did manage to upload my photos, edit  those I want to use, and create the post for several of the stories.

I also posted reviews of Inakaya, a Japanese sushi and Robata restaurant,  Alobar, a restaurant in Long Island City where we had charcuterie and cheeses ... and Sleep No More,  one of the hottest theater tickets in town and a most unusual theater experience. There are many more reviews to come as I saw 7 plays and ate in innumerable good restaurants ... and managed not to gain a pound.  How is that for impressive!

Now I am back home, my suitcase is emptied, my laundry done... and today I plan to blitz write. I entered AtJill'sReviews for the April A to Z challenge - thanks to a reminder from my friend Jenny of Pearson Report.

I am interested to hear from other writers how you manage the "live it" versus "write it" dilemma.


  1. Jill, I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge list to get a head start in finding some great new blogs. Nice to meet you! Lately I've been doing more writing than living. Your blog intrigues me. Maybe I can live vicariously through you and your many travels. I look forward to your A to Z posts!

    New follower!


    1. Hi Karen
      Nice to meet you. My live it and write it later approach is not working to well as it would seem, to anyone reading my travelblogues, that I take the first few days of the cruise or trip and get stuck there. Have to finish a lot of articles before I head off on my next journey which is coming up quickly.
      Now I am going to get to know your blog - maybe your "more writing than living" approach will rub off on me!

  2. I write way more than I live ... I could use some serious living, or as my husband calls it, L - I - V - I - N'.

    Here from the A - Z Challenge. Your second in the spot after my number so I came to see what your site is about. Since you hadn't posted your 'A,' yet, this post caught my eye.

    1. Hi Suze,
      I scheduled my post to publish on time but I theink the time changes from being on a ship in the middle of the South China sea has messed with my computer's mind. Glad to know you and yes it's posted now.
      Will drp by and say hi


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