Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sushi and charcuterie

The Air Canada flight deposited me  - and a few other people - at Newark Airport at 11:30PM. It was cold, very cold.  The taxi line was short and I was soon baking in the back of a warm taxi. The ride from Newark into the city is around 56 dollars. Then the tolls have been increased - adding another 17 dollars. By 12:30 I was in my hotel room and too tired to unpack.  Kind of rolled into bed.

But despite the fact that NY is 3 hours ahead of Vancouver I was up 6 am New York time. How does my inner clock do that?  Visited the Food Emporium to pick up some groceries, met my son and ate sushi at Inakaya, walked for miles as we completed a list to to-dos before heading over to Long Island City where we had a nice charcuterie and cheese dinner at Alobar,

The reviews of Inakaya and Alobar will be posted soon in the Supping Away section of reviewfromthehouse. As will the first story in the "It's Winter in New York" travelblogue.

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