Saturday, 17 March 2012

Let them eat pigeon! unless I win the lottery

Perhaps it is something to do with St. Patrick's Day. P is for Patrick, pigeon and for poop. Or maybe it's because I have been starting my dance-fit class  by warming up to Stevie Wonder singing Superstition. But whatever the reason, for the first time in the many decades I have inhabited this planet I got pooped on by a pigeon.  And that pigeon had diarrhea plus.

I was just outside the Bay store at Oakridge  when the darn bird targeted me. I was dressed in an unusually funky (for me) style.  Tight fitting pants that kind of looked liked leggings, and a black tunic sweater  mid-thigh length.  Maybe the mistake I made was not wearing green.

Fortunately I was dashing across the driveway because the stream landed on the back of my sweater.  A touch slower and it would have hit my hair and that would have been irremediable. But thanks to the kind lady at the Valetor dry-cleaning at the Oakridge entrance, who handed me paper and a hand sanitizer,  I was able to wipe most of the poop off my sweater and then gingerly take it off, leaving me shivering in a short sleeved black T-shirt.

So off I went on a mini-shopping spree and acquired a white top and a green funky bolero (to appease the Irish saints.) Three people then told me that being pigeon-pooped meant really good luck! Feeling icky not lucky  I thought "how can that be?" but then to honour Stevie Wonder and his "Superstition", I bought a lottery ticket anyway.  So wait for it folks. If I win I will let you know and you can go out and look for your own pigeons to poop on you. If I don't win, I think we should turn the darn things into food supply.


  1. That seems like a montage from a comedy: bird poops, recipient tries her luck, no luck, roasted squab right from the oven...

    1. Well I did not win even a free play so it seems "Superstition" s just that! no validity. Don't go hunting pigeons to poop on you - but they still should be potential food sources.


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