Friday, 23 March 2012

Toronto Time

From Bata Museum Collection
Three days to go till I  embark on my ballroom dance cruise. I am here in sunny,  warm Toronto. And no I am not exaggerating. Amazingly it is a spring-like evening in Toronto and it is only March. I arrived in Toronto from an unusually frigid Vancouver. On the other hand there are no crocuses out yet  in Vancouver - and it is already March! Oh how one's perspective is changed by travel.

I have been enjoying exploring the city with a friend and sharing some excellent meals. So far the food we have enjoyed includes lunch at Caplansky's Deli and at Wish restaurant, and dinners at Lucien and Smith

We have also visited the Ontario Art Museum and the Bata Shoe Museum. I especially loved the exhibit they had at the Bata Museum, of the Roaring Twenties, great dresses, great shoes, liberated women and the Charleston and they were playing great music as we wandered around. Although my museum-visiting attention span is remarkably short,  I perked up and my exhaustion disappeared when I heard the dance music.

According to the curator of the Twenties Collection the shoes shown on the left  were called Lido sandals after the pool area on cruise ships. I thought it an appropriate picture to use in happy anticipation of my cruise.

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