Saturday, 7 April 2012

Food on board - A culinary log

Thai smoked salmon
F Food is one of the all-consuming (oops forgot to mention I like puns) aspects of life on board a cruise ship. It poses of course a particular challenge for those of us already challenged calorically, to be able to resist the plethora of great sounding dishes offered on the menus each night.

I decided for the purpose of this current travelblogue, that I would separate out the food aspects from the rest of the cruise writing - not that I seem to be getting much time to write at all.

So I will be combining my food pictures into a couple of culinary logs for this trip.
Readers of my travel and food writing know that I tend to like to have appetizers more than entrees, and I like the opportunity to taste a variety of flavours.

I will be curious to see when I review my log, whether I am just deluding myself when I say "I never have dessert!" And that I usually have appetizers rather than main courses.

Here are pictures of two of the appetizer selections on the QM2. When I post the first Culinary Log I will add the link to this post.
And here it is. Culinary Sampler Part i.

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