Monday, 23 April 2012

S Spinal Surgery, Sciatica and Samba

S Spinal Surgery, Sciatica and Samba
Today being April 23rd, I am supposed to be blogging about T for Tango but it is fortuitous that i am one day behind schedule. I just looked back at my April 23rd 2011 post in my saga of Sciatica to Spine Surgery. Titled "Almost normal - week 8 spine rehabilitation milestones" I write about my recovery process 8 weeks after having major spinal surgery. My definition of "nearly normal" was being pain free, being able to walk around the downtown area albeit slowly but I was still struggling with little things like putting on socks.
By 8 weeks I was back in the gym starting twice weekly workouts with my trainer.  Left alone I would have been too scared to try the exercises that he started me on, but gradually y confidence came back and my mobility increased further.
My next step forward was to take my IPod into the gym and gradually re-introduce my dance workouts. At first 15 to 20 minutes of dancing was a much as I could take but gradually I was able to work up to an hour alternating fast dances like chacha and jive with slower waltzes that really required my  to work an strength and balance.
In week 16 post surgery I walked into the Ballroom where I took dance lessons and had my first lesson in over 8 months. I started private Pilates workouts and gradually felt my core strengthening and my posture improving. 
Now, 1 year and I month after surgery, I feel younger and fitter than I have been in years. My back stood up to the 16 night ballroom dance cruise - on many days I had 2 hours of a lesson,  a dance workshop and then more dancing in the evening. And my back felt just great.
I am now able to do energetic dances like the samba, and have finally figured out how to open my hips so I am starting to resemble a real samba dancer. 
So thank you to the surgical team and all who helped me work through my spine rehab so I can samba now with the best of them.

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