Sunday, 22 April 2012

Q Queen Mary 2 World Cruise segments

Q Queen Mary 2 is the Cunard ocean liner on which I just cruised for 16 nights from Hong Kong to Dubai. This trip was part of the 2012 World Cruise - which I believe was over 100 days. Regretfully I did not have the time to do the whole World Cruise - though something like that is on my travel bucket list for the future.
The QM2 is famous for having the largest ballroom afloat and so serious dancers really like to cruise on this ship.  Cunard has two other Queens currently. The Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria, which also have great ballrooms.
I am trying to catch up with completing my Travelblogue, Dancing to Dubai, and have just posted two stories, one of which has my YouTube videos of Kathakali (the ancient Indian dance form - see my earlier post on K for Kathakali) and the ancient martial art form of Kalariyapattu.  You can check the Kathakali videos out at Kathakali scene and Kathakali elements.  There is also a link to my video of the famous cantilevered Chinese fishing nets of Cochin - " technology" that is apparently more than 1000 years old.

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