Monday, 9 April 2012

How NOT to behave on a cruise ship

H How NOT to behave on a cruise ship is the thought that keeps popping into my mind as I observe certain human behaviours. On the whole and in most circumstances people are polite and friendly and it has been really interesting meeting folks from all over, from Australia and New Zealand, to various Asian cities, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok,  and different parts of Britain, Europe, Canada and the USA.
But there are two circumstances on this trip that seemed to turn normal outwardly civilised people into angry mobs. One, believe it or not, is the use of the self-serve laundry. Cunard generously provide free use of washers and dryers, and even free detergent.  Unfortunately though, they are in constant use and  people tend to line up to get access. So when the unthinkable occurs - namely a washer or dryer load is finished and NO ONE IS THERE TO EMPTY IT IMMEDIATELY, tempers tend to get a little frayed. I have heard a couple of sharp exchanges between people waiting and those who saunter in to take out their loads that finished quit a while earlier.
The other circumstance is the really poor system that the ship staff have for dealing with the various immigration requirements. Both in Hong Kong and in Cochin, India, there were long lineups of irritated passengers waiting to get though various formalities, when a little better planning on the part of the ship's organization could have made the process go more smoothly.  It was actually quite funny to see how agitated people were getting at the prospect that someone might get slightly ahead of them in the queue. But the chorus of boos when the Captain made an unapologetic announcement about the reason for the mess made me understand how mobs get violent.
So my advice is just chill out, hang loose, go with the flow or whatever calming mantra you prefer. It all works out in the end and your cardiologist will thank you in the end for not making his life harder.
The running joke at the moment after the Cochin lineup mess is that Cunard should really be called QueueNard. Perhaps that's an indication that guest feedback should be taken seriously.

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