Tuesday, 24 April 2012

U for Urban Poling

U Urban poling is one of the the activities that I credit for getting me moving more rapidly after the surgery, that I described in S for Sciatica, Surgery and Samba. I was introduced to the Activator Poles with the stable Boot used for people with balance issues or to facilitate rehabilitation post- surgery or other trauma. Early in the morning after my surgery the previous night a physiotherapist appeared and said  "Out of bed- we are going to get you walking". I was amazed but she got me up, tubes and all, and next thing I knew I was shuffling around the ward.
Two days later I was summarily sent home,  with a newly bought pair of Activator poles. With my son who had come to Vancouver to help me over the surgery, I started walking along the sea wall near my apartment. A little further and a little longer time every day until I was comfortable walking by myself with the poles for support.  They really helped improve my posture - which was scrunched over from months of back pain and then the operation.
By 14 weeks post op I was ready to switch from the Activator Poles to ordinary Urban Poling. Mandy from Urban Poling came over to show me how to switch the Boot around and change my walking technique. The attached video is a brief clip to illustrate this point. Hope it works.

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