Tuesday, 10 April 2012

J is for Java - and coffee addiction

J Java - I love it.
Yes I do love my coffee. Fortunately though, caffeine later in the day keeps me from sleeping, so I discipline myself to have no more than one or two cups of the real thing, early in the morning. I specially love the variety of coffees I can brew with my Keurig K-cup coffee machine at home. And as I sit here at 6 am in my cabin, having ok coffee from the Cunard Queen Mary 2 buffet, I really miss my home-brewed mugs of coffees.
One of the things that makes my home brewed coffee so appealing is the $12 milk frother that I acquired at the same time as I got my Keurig coffee brewer. It is a small battery-driven device that whips milk into a frothy foam in seconds.
Here is my morning ritual at home.
I am an early riser so I programme my machine to start heating at 6 am. By 6:05 when I pad into my kitchen to make my coffee the water is heated and ready to go.
First I pour half a cup of lactose-free 1% milk into my mega coffee mug, heat it for 25 seconds in the microwave and then froth the milk till it is almost twice as high in the mug as it was before. Then I put the first of the K-Cups in for a 4 oz. brew followed by a second K Cup brewed with 6 oz. of water.
Voila, an inviting steaming-hot coffee that I call my cappu/latte. I carry it into my study, and look out over the waters of False Creek while I take my first sip. And I think, “ a new day has begun” - Carpe Diem. 
So here while I sip my very average cup pf Java, although I miss my cappu/latte, I look out over the sea to the distant horizon and I am filled with gratitude to my family, friends, doctors, trainers and dance teachers that made it possible for me to be dancing to Dubai, and I think again "seize the day."

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