Friday, 27 April 2012

W Wanderlust or "where in the world does Jill still want to visit?"

Digital World by Petr Kratochvil

W Wanderlust or "where in the world does Jill still want to visit?" It is really fascinating to me - yeah I guess I find a lot of things fascinating - to talk to my friends about their wanderlust.  People's motivations for travel are so different. One friend wants to wander around India and Nepal on her own. Not on my travel bucket list at all. Another friend does volunteer travel - working in parts of the world where she can use her skills in writing and teaching to help others.  Yet another friend is all about wild animals- Africa and safaris feature prominently on her list. Then there are the oenophiles who want to visit vineyards, the cyclists who bike around Europe and Asia. and those who enjoy leisurely river boat cruises.
My ideal BIG travel adventure if I could find the time and resources to do it properly would combine a "round the world cruise" picking segments from cruise lines with Dance hosts like Cunard or Crystal, with land tours of great New World wine areas like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, with cultural stops for theatre in London, culinary explorations in Europe and Asia, and maybe a n intensive visit to Argentine to work on Tango and improve my Spanish at the same time. Also on my list is to cruise the Norwegian fjords, and the Baltic area. I promised another ex-student of mine from Moscow that I would visit her one day and its time to keep that promise.
What tops your list?

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