Monday, 23 April 2012

T Tango - three ways

T Tango was the dance that kind of scared me the most when I was learning my International routines for the gold medal test. The step sequences and the footwork just seemed more intricate and hard to remember than for the other dance routines I was learning - waltz, slow foxtrot and quickstep.
There are many different forms of Tango but for the purposes of this post I will consider just three - the International Tango, The American Social Tango, and the Argentine Tango.
Tango originated as a bar or club dance in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From there it spread to Europe becoming popular in Paris, London and Berlin.
Ballroom tango, International or American, is characterized by connection in the hip and upper thigh area in contrast to the chest area connection of Argentine tango. Tango is a very dramatic dance, and most of us have seen the different styles on TV. The striking things that most people notice are the flicks and intricate footwork of the Argentine style, and the head snaps seen in ballroom tango.
My next major dance cruise will I hope be in South America from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro.  A pre-cruise stay in Buenos Aires with Argentine Tango lessons is planned. I am quite excited to participate.
In the mean time I need to practice my moves back here but "it takes two to Tango". Are there any potential Tango partners out here in Vancouver? Let me know?

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